high frequency dry drum magnetic separator

  • High frequency dry drum magnetic separator

    The series of dry drum magnetic separators is a newly launched line of magnetic separators specially designed to improve the concentrate grade without the addition of water. The material size it can process is 0-12 mm.
    1) Durable and wear resistant
    The hardness of the ceramic plate is up to HRA92, which is 100 times that if manganese steel and 20 times that of cast chromium iron.
    2) Unable to become magnetized
    Since the ceramic plates are unable to become magnetized they are even more resistant to wear from tramp metal.
    3) Highly efficient
    The intrinsic properties of the ceramic plates help to improve the separation efficiency and grade of the materials processed.
    4) Safe and reliable
    The ceramic plates are affixed with a high intensity non-magnetic polymer. The shear strength between the shells and plates are more than 30MPa. Due to this extreme strength they are well suited for the extreme changes of temperature and vibrations found in operation.

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