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  • Aluminium recycling

    Recycling aluminum refers to the scrap aluminum as the main raw material to obtain aluminum alloy after pretreatment, smelting, refining, and ingot casting. Aluminum has features of strong corrosion resistance, low loss during use, and will not lose its basic characteristics after repeated recycling for many times, and has extremely high recycling value.

  • Iron Mining

    Citic Pacific owns Sino Iron and Balmoral Iron with 1 billion tons of magnetite. Capacity of Sino Iron Ore Project is 85 million tons of crude ore or 27 million tons of iron concentrate.

  • Lithium mineral

    The Mt Cattlin operation produces a lithium concentrate (spodumene) product with up to a 6.0% Li2O grade that is trucked to Esperance Port for export to an Asian customer base.