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Registered Add Fushun, Liaoning
Type of business Magnetic separator
Main Market America, Russia, German, Canada, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Australia, Malaysia, Zambia, India, Ukraine , Japan
Brand LONGi
Number of Employees More than 1000 People
Annual sales More than US$50 Million
Established in 1993

LONGi Magnet Co., Ltd—— Your most competitive supplier of industrical magnetic equipment
LONGi Magnet Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1993 and quickly became the leading manufacturer of industrial magnetic equipment throughout Asia. Having a large product range including, lifting magnets, WHIMS, LIMS, eddy current separators, metal detectors, drum separators, pulleys, vibratory feeders and much.LONGi is well suited to provide for any of your industrial magnetic needs. 

Always an innovator LONGi holds over 337 national and international patents for its products and designs as well as having a provincial-level research center and laboratory it operates in conjunction with The Institute of Electrical Engineering at China’s Academy of Science. LONGi is well equipped to handle whatever your project is,big or small. In fact, each year, LONGi exports thousands of solutions worldwide and consistently LONGi’s annual sales have ranked #1 in our industry in China. LONGi was also the first in our industry to earn the designation as a “China Well Known Trademark”.

With our motto being “Reliability, Value-added, Convenience” we pride ourselves on always providing the most cost effective and beneficial solutions to whatever our customer needs in the world of magnet technology.

LONGi’s Service Guarantee

One on One Service


LONGi’s in house laboratory is well known for providing professional and accurate sample testing for a wide variety of clients in both the mineral and recycling industries. Based on the lab test results and often a necessary site survey our experienced engineers are proud to be able to offer the best solution available every time we can. Not only do we look for the solution to best process the end users material, but, we are mindful to provide the best value and performance in the most economical way.


Valuable Site Service


LONGi is proud to be able to provide experienced mechanical, electrical and magnetic engineers able to assist with most any installation, commissioning or training issues that may arise. Our main goal is to eliminate any situations before they arise at the work site both before and after the project. LONGi also has strategically located offices within easy access to current and future operating sites to provide spare parts and service and allow for minimal down time.


Ongoing Feedback Service


LONGi is as concerned with not only the equipment we are selling tomorrow, but, with those out in the field already. With a customer first attitude LONGi makes it a point that past sales are just as important as the future. Because of this LONGi will periodically check in with current users to gather feedback and offer any practical feedback or necessary adjustments that will help obtain the upmost benefit to all our customers.

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