LONGi Magnet Co. Ltd.

LONGi Magnet Co. Ltd.


LONGi operates its own laboratory with in our manufacturing center. It is a state of the art magnetic separation facility that undertakes professional sample testing and analysis for a wide range of minerals and the recycling industry.


b. Machining 

We have boring machine imported form French can machining piece under 130mm; Planer machine can machining piece under 1000mm; vertical lathe can machining piece under 5000mm; Milling machine can machining piece under max. modulus 2500mm.

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c. Welding 

We have various argon arc welder, direct current weld machine, mixed gas welding, CO2 gas shielded welding and argon tungsten-arc single welding double side shaped equipment, can satisfy various stainless steel and process of special material. The production of large type structure piece shall in the structure shop which has 21051m2 area, 50t and 30t crane.


d. Inspection Method
We have strong inspection method; we have Quality Inspection Department and Inspection Station for each factory. We can do physical property test and chemical component test; we have paint film thickness test and adhesive power test. X test, MT and UT test for welding seam. For the gear, we use gear test machine which imported from Germany.


e. Painting

There are 12 sets movement painting room of 15m×6m and more than 50 sets air compressor,painting equipment and dust removal plant.


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