• Process and Application of LONGi Automatic Magnetic Flotation Separator

    Process and Application of LONGi Automatic Magnetic Flotation Separator

    In January 2021, a mining company introduced two LJC-10000 (φ2000mm) type automatic magnetic separator produced by LONGi. The equipment is used for the last stage separation of the milling workshop 3660 of the mining industry.

  • Lithium mineral

    Lithium mineral

    The Mt Cattlin operation produces a lithium concentrate (spodumene) product with up to a 6.0% Li2O grade that is trucked to Esperance Port for export to an Asian customer base.

  • Iron Mining

    Iron Mining

    Citic Pacific owns Sino Iron and Balmoral Iron with 1 billion tons of magnetite. Capacity of Sino Iron Ore Project is 85 million tons of crude ore or 27 million tons of iron concentrate.

  • Non-ferrous mineral

    Non-ferrous mineral

    LONGI has been devoting the process flow to use WHIMS to beneficiate chromite, which achieves excellent performance on the lower grade chromite ore. The new processing flow with two stages of magnetic separations, which can improved the Cr grade from 25% to 40% under 65% recovery rate or even higher.

  • Manganese ore

    Manganese ore

    LONGi uses international brand electrical, mechanical components are supplied the customer can be sure that they are not only receiving the best quality parts, but, have the confidence to know that any spare parts needed in the future can be easily sourced locally most anywhere in the world to bring their machine back to factory specifications quickly and easily.

  • Vanadium Titano-magnetite

    Vanadium Titano-magnetite

    Vanadium is always found combined with other elements in minerals, coal, and petroleum, with the Titano-magnetite as a typical magnetic separation related mineral.

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