Vanadium Titano-magnetite

Vanadium Titano-magnetite processing

Vanadium is always found combined with other elements in minerals, coal, and petroleum, with the Titano-magnetite as a typical magnetic separation related mineral.

The main use of vanadium is in the steel industry where it is primarily used in metal alloys such as rebar and structural steel, high speed tools, titanium alloys and aircraft. The addition of a small amount of vanadium can increase steel strength by up to 100% and reduces weight by up to 30%. Vanadium high-carbon steel alloys contain in the order of 0.15 to 0.25% vanadium while high-speed tool steels, used in surgical instruments and special tools, contain in the range of 1 to 5% vanadium.

Wet high intensity magnetic separator

Panxi( Panzhihua&Xichang) has the reversion of V2O5 of 25 MT and is ranked as number 3 of the world.  Lomon mine is located in the Panzhihua area, which it has the annual handling capacity of 16 MT/A ROM. The magnetic process is by the 1 stage of low intensity magnetic separator and two stages of wet high intensity magnetic separator.

wet drum separator

electromagnetic separator

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