Dry Drum Magnetic Separator

  • Dry drum magnetic separator

    Dry drum magnetic separator

    1、The Dry drum magnetic separator magnetic system is designed with small magnetic distance and multi-pole to increase turn times.
    2、The Dry drum magnetic separator separation area is extended because of the large magnetic wrap area which in turn increases the recovery.
    3、Dry drum magnetic separator Ceramics on the surface, HRA≥85 and max HRA is 92.
    4、Dry drum magnetic separator allows for easy control of the concentrate grade and tailings.

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  • High frequency dry drum magnetic separator

    High frequency dry drum magnetic separator

    The series of dry drum magnetic separators is a newly launched line of magnetic separators specially designed to improve the concentrate grade without the addition of water. The material size it can process is 0-12 mm.

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  • Magnetic drum

    Magnetic drum

    The dry drum magnetic separator serves in the primary stage of separation bu being the head pulley on a conveyor belt. This enables it to remove waste stones before they go to the crusher. In doing the amount needing to be crushed is reduced saving time, wear and tear and putting less contaminants into the stream that would go out to the tailings later. The material size can be up to 300mm.

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  • Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator

    Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator

    1、Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator Used to separate paramagnetic minerals and fine ferrous minerals continuously and automatically.
    2、Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator A high grade of remanence and coercivity magnetic materials is used to build the equipment, which guarantees much less than 1% demagnetiation in every 10 years.
    3、Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator The working magnetic intensity reaches to 12000Gs
    4、 Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator of rollers are available
    5、Multi-layers High Intensity Magnetic Separator Suitable to particle size 0.03~3mm.

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