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Suspended Ferrous Magnetic Separator for Belt Conveyor Made in China

Suspended Ferrous Magnetic Separator for Belt Conveyor Made in China: Magnetic separator is the most common type of mineral processing equipment, plays an important role in many industries, but also it is for this reason, a lot of customers in the use of magnetic separator equipment are not pay attention to the standardization of operation, and many users there are irregularities, so for machine or operation has little harm, then in the operation should how to avoid harm?

Low price Permanent Magnet Ferrous magnetic separator For paper mill

There is a saying a good beginning is half the battle, for magnetic separator equipment on this link is also very important, to feed water first, then turn to host, first turn to host again excitation, magnetic separator is used to recycle powder granule screening equipment, such as the removal of iron powder in the iron remover is a powerful attraction magnetic field can produce equipment, it can remove mixed ferromagnetic impurities in materials, to ensure the delivery system of crusher, grinding machine and other mechanical equipment safety work.

Ferrous Magnetic Separator

magnet roller drum ferrous metal magnetic iron remover separator

At the same time, it can effectively prevent the transmission belt from being scratched and cracked due to large and long iron parts, and can also significantly improve the grade of raw materials. After the slurry flows into the tank through the feed box, the ore particles enter the feed area of the tank in a loose state under the action of the water flow from the feed pipe. If not in order is likely to damage the magnetic separator equipment. Also note that the machine is strictly prohibited before starting loading load.

The magnetic separator equipment should be paid more attention to if there are large pieces of debris within foreign body to be clean, avoid burst or wear (a basic type of component failure) drum of magnetic separator, magnetic separator equipment in use process will often appear the situation of the water and affect the use of the machine, there is a large part of the reason why operators violate compasses operation, leading to drive belt off, or is caused by excess load work off the machine belt and blocking and appear machines into the water.

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