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China Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator for Conveyor Belt Wet Magnet

China Suspended Permanent Magnetic Separator for Conveyor Belt Wet Magnet: With the rapid development of the industry, the mechanical industry for magnetic separation demand is growing, how to choose a good quality of magnetic separator is the most concerned, today the magnetic separator manufacturers project is to share with you, identify the advantages and disadvantages of magnetic separator skills.

wet high intensity suspended permanent magnetic separator for shredder

Stable squeezing capacity; Using new materials, not easy to be hurt and good oil resistance, long-term stability to play the extrusion effect and poor cots hardness is not enough: wear fast, use less than a month will be iron chips hurt, lose squeeze clean function, replace the new cots; Friction driving mode: easy to produce slippage, large amount of oil recovered from iron scrap; Low oil resistance: it is easy to swell, crack and deform under the corrosion of oil, and its physical properties are reduced or changed.

Suspended Magnetic Separator

High intensity wet drum permanent suspended magnetic separator

Magnetic material is the main core of magnetic separator work, magnetic materials can be divided into ferrite and ndfeb two categories, the difference is: ndfeb magnetic induction intensity 3200-5000gs, never demagnetization. The magnetic induction strength of ferrite is only 1200-2000gs, and the magnetic force will gradually fade over time. So ndfeb is the best magnetic material magnetic separator.

Finally, it is very important to see whether the design of the magnetic separator is reasonable, because the reasonable design will achieve better separation effect. The most important thing is to see the magnetic roller and the clearance of liquid pool water tank at the bottom of the arc, to achieve an ideal separation effect, its clearance should be 5 to 8 mm, some manufacturer in order to save materials, reduce overall dimensions, magnetic separator at increasing the clearance of magnetic roller with arc liquid pool resulted in liquid inside the arc pool no cache separation, directly from the outlet flow into the water tank, so that will have most of the debris is not separation, leading to poor separation effect.

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