Look! The new generation of LONGi is here!


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With vibrant smiles, they excite youthful vigor, cross the sea of stars, and are full of lofty ambitions.

A new chapter of life begins in LONGi.

Because of you, this midsummer is destined to be extraordinary and wonderful!

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New start! Welcome to the 2022 school recruiting new employees!

On July 8th, the newcomers of the class of 2022 gathered one after another.

LONGi staffs stationed at the site, just so that new employees will be accompanied by "LONGi Red" at the first moment when they arrive in an unfamiliar city.

Everyone laughed and laughed all the way, and walked hand in hand in the future.

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The company cleaned up the dormitory and checked the equipment in advance, just to give the new employees a warm and comfortable dormitory.

LONGi is warm and affectionate.

You have come from far away, and I will do my best.

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Neat tooling and thoughtful labor protection supplies are ready at the first moment of entry.

The meticulous care and concern give new employees the warmth of their homes.

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On behalf of the company, Du Yingbo, Manager of Human Resources Department, welcomed all new employees.

May you all the prosperous reading, and do not forget your original intention.

May you always be young and always enthusiastic.

May everyone live up to expectations and move forward!

Very practical! Inspired! "LONGi's first lesson" starts!

Xu Jialin, Deputy General Manager, introduced the company's basic situation, business development, goals and vision in detail, and put forward valuable suggestions and ardent expectations for new employees in terms of work attitude, work methods, life planning and other aspects as a LONGi employee.

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The new employees visited the production workshop and laboratory under the leadership of production director Zhang Qingyong. Through the visit, new employees have a deeper understanding of LONGi's manufacturing capabilities and a stronger sense of identity with the company.

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Yin Yanqiang, manager of the safety operation department, conducted pre-job safety training for new employees, so that new employees can firmly establish the bottom line of safety and enhance safety consciousness.

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Hope is sprouting today, and tomorrow's harvest is infinite. Youth has dreams, and the waves chase after them.

Looking forward to new people and creating infinite possibilities.

The 2022 College Student Enrollment Record is unfinished.

Stay tuned.

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