High Gradient Magnetic Filter

  • High Gradient Magnetic Filter

    High gradient magnetic filter is a newly developed product by LONGi Magnet based on years of research and absorbing advantages of similar products. It can help abide burst accident according to increase the corrosion resistance of pipe, promote the recovery of condensation water, and decrease thickness of iron oxide scale.
    Maintenance Free——no need to change filters
    I.The core of The High Gradient Magnetic Filter is made by special stainless steel. It is corrosion resistant and wear-resistant. The High Gradient Magnetic Filter employs impulsing steam-water with combination back flushing. The configuration of the filter cores are from sparse to dense making it well suited for back flushing. The life time of the filter core can be more than 10 years.
    II.High efficiency——apply to high-temperature 180℃;available to remove 0.03μm~150 μm iron oxide.
    The Filter core is made of a highly magnetic gathering soft magnetic steel, suitable for 180℃ condensation water. The external magnetic field and the wall of container are equipped with thermal-protective coating, which isolate the internal heat conduction well.
    The cooling system is a combination of forced oil cooling and water cooling.
    The filter core is made of high magnetic gathering stainless steel, 20000Gs magnetic intensity and 1000Gs/μm. The magnetic gradient is generated under the external magnetic field. The configuration of the filter cores are from sparse to dense, in order to absorb all of the 150 μm ~0.03μm magnetic suspended solid and colloid while water flows through the filter. Removal rate of magnetic objects in the water is above 99.5%, and iron content in outlet water is lower than 5mg/L.
    III.Energy conservation——low operation cost
    The only operation cost of high gradient magnetic filter is the power consumption. Decreasing the excitation while higher water quality is available can help to decrease the power cost.
    IV.Low investment——Less pumps invested
    The operation pressure difference is only 0.02Mpa~0.03Mpa so there is no need to add any pumps for existing projects.
    V.Convenient operation——With a touch screen control panel and a computer interaction link control is available both on site and remotely.

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