electromagnetic separator

  • Electromagnetic separator

    Electromagnetic Separator are new products, which are designed by Longi Magnet Corporation through absorbing domestic and abroad technology in the same field after exploiting for many years. The technical standards are in accordance with JB/T7689-95. New heat conducting and insulating materials are adopted, as well as unique magnetic core structure and optimized magnetic circuit design.
    Electromagnetic Separator have better insulation performance, low temperature rise, light weight, good durability, rapid heat releasing, strong magnetic force, strong catching ability, high separating rate etc.
    Electromagnetic Separator are widely used for removing ferrous materials in some fields using coal as fuel, such as thermal power station, coal plant, metallurgy, cement plant, glass plant, foodstuff, port, etc. It can purify the materials and improve the quality of material to protect the equipment downstream.
    1) Compact structure and light weight;
    2) Easy to maintain for continuing reliable performance;
    3) Low operating temperatures;
    4) Automatic discharge of captured material;
    5) Fan cooling;
    6) Automatic rectification of belt departure;
    7) Centralized control realized;
    8) Catch and discharge continuously;
    9) Automatic discharge.

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